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6 good reasons for gays to take a gay holiday in Japan


Why Japan?

Many of us have taken trips to Asia – Thailand, for example, is at the top of the list of gay holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. But what about the Far East? For some reason, relatively few gays consider taking a gay trip to Japan. But why is this?


Perhaps it’s the language barrier. English is not as widely spoken as in other parts of Asia and the Japanese often lack the courage to speak English out of fear of making mistakes and committing social faux pas.


Finding your way around Japan on a gay holiday can also be difficult if you neither read nor speak Japanese. Gay travellers picture themselves standing clueless in front of a colossal metro map and only being able to point to pictures in restaurants - not on a gay group tour to Japan with!

Despite the challenges it presents, Japan has so much to offer. Here are 6 reasons why taking a gay trip to Japan should be on your list. And don't forget: with it couldn’t be easier to explore this wonderful country!


Reason #1 

Thousands of years of living tradition


When taking a gay holiday in Japan, you’ll often see people in traditional Japanese costume. Elegant women in kimonos are sure to stop you in your tracks. In regions such as Kyoto, you’ll encounter the iconic geishas, living masterpieces trained in the art of perfection and who embody Japanese culture in every facet.


Then there are the monks living high up in the mountains in monasteries where they perform their sacred rituals. A gay trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without spending a night in one of these incredible places. It’s an experience you’ll certainly never forget.


Reason #2 

Fascinating nature in all its glory


Whether pristine or perfectly showcased, nature in this majestic country is sure be a highlight on your gay tour of Japan. Enchanting forests of bamboo, pine and palm trees are waiting to be explored high up in the mountains (up to 3,700 metres!).


In the cities, the perfectly landscaped parks are a source of inspiration – islands of peace and tranquillity surrounded
by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Reason #3 

More than sushi


Japanese cuisine is made up of more than just sushi. The food alone is reason enough to take a gay tour of Japan. The variety of food offered is astonishing and it’s always fresh, delicious, and healthy – you won’t find any heavy cream or rich sauces.


And so that you know exactly what you’re ordering, lifelike wax models of the dishes served are displayed in the windows of the restaurants – a true art form in Japan.


Reason #4 

Perfectly organised down to the last detail


In Japan, nothing is left to chance in public spaces. Simple rules ensure smooth coexistence, especially where large numbers of people gather – even in a megacity of 13 million such as Tokyo.


For instance, there are rules for waiting, boarding, and alighting on the underground! In many restaurants, food is ordered at terminals or using tablet computers, which is sure to make your dining experience all the more adventurous and efficient on your gay trip to Japan. It’s simply another world that you have to immerse yourself in!


Reason #5 

The art of presenting and packaging


Shopping is a unique ritual in Japan – one in which aesthetics play a major role. Whether it’s the presentation of merchandise in the windows or in the shops themselves or the elaborate packaging used to enhance the shopping experience, it’s always an unforgettable affair – especially on a gay tour of Japan.


For example, the Japanese don’t just buy a punnet of cherries in the supermarket – the cherries are displayed in elegant boxes like fine chocolates! Simply incredible.



Reason #6

A vibrant gay scene


There are around 400 gay bars and gay clubs in Tokyo – an incredible sight when you think of most big cities in the Western world where the gay scene has dwindled down to a handful
of establishments. However,
it’s not easy to find them – there are usually no signs, and they’re often located on the umpteenth floor of a nondescript building.


Seating is limited, but when new guests enter a full bar, those who have been there the longest are expected to stand up. English is rarely spoken at these locations, which is why we are having a local guide when we embark on a gay adventure in Japan.


Group tours for gays to Japan

If you’d like to experience all this and more as well as fully immerse yourself in a foreign culture, why not take a guided gay tour of Japan like the one offered by – by gays for gays?


All our carefree package tours include a local, English-speaking guide. And to make sure that you’re well rested every morning for even more gay adventure, you have a single room all to yourself!



Léo | France

Thanks for everything! It's great that you and exist!The trip to Japan was simply a great gift. An incredibly intense way to immerse yourself in a country and a culture. And travelling with a group of gay men was all the more enriching and increased the fun factor by several octaves.

Finn | Sweden

Thank you so much for this wonderful trip! Every day was full of new impressions, whether temple, shrine, museum, market or sky tower, we had a great time together, wonderful laughter, deep conversations, nice bar visits, simply an unforgettable trip with beautiful encounters, it was certainly not my last trip with you.

David | Switzerland

Thanks to the varied and diverse itinerary, we got to see a lot of Japan in just a short time, gaining insight into daily life there and getting to know the country. Another great thing about the tour was that we almost always travelled using public transport, which enabled us to experience the "pulse" of the country and its residents first hand. The tour included a varied and exciting mix of culinary delights, history, urban life, tradition, nature, countryside, and people. The group size was ideal - we quicky became a small "family".

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