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Gay-only hotels | Men-only resorts

Want to spend a relaxing and yet exciting holiday with other gays? Then gay-only hotels are exactly what you’re looking for! Here you can find an overview of resorts and accommodation all over the world classified as “gay only / men only”. You’ll find the largest selection of gay hotels on Gran Canaria and in Florida – destinations with guaranteed sun, beach, and fun.

All you need to do now is find the right gay accommodation for you, book it, and off you go on your dream gay holiday!

* The advertising links on this page lead to the websites of our partners and Tripadvisor.


Spain is undoubtedly one of the top destinations among gay travellers. Cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Sitges are known for their bustling gay neighbourhoods and seemingly endless variety of LGBTQ+ bars, clubs, and events. The country also hosts several pride festivals, including Madrid Pride – one of the largest in Europe. The Spanish islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, and Gran Canaria are a true paradise for gays. Gran Canaria, in particular, is famous for its unparalleled gay scene and offers a variety of gay-friendly resorts, bars, and clubs, mainly in the popular tourist areas of Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas


AxelBeach Maspalomas* | Maspalomas | Gran Canaria

Club Torso* | Maspalomas | Gran Canaria

Mar Bianco* | Maspalomas | Gran Canaria

Rainbow Golf Bungalows* | Maspalomas | Gran Canaria

Seven Hotel & Wellness* | Maspalomas | Gran Canaria

Vista Bonita* | Maspalomas | Gran Canaria

Aqua Beach Bungalows* | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria

Atlantic Sun Beach* | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria

Birdcage Resort* | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria

Bungalows Artemisa* | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria

Bungalows Los Almendros* | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria

Fahana* | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria

Tajinaste Beach* | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria

Villa Adler* | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria


Axel Hotel Barcelona & Urban Spa* | Barcelona

TWO Hotel Barcelona by Axel* | Barcelona

Elite Hotel* | Sitges

Parrots Sitges Hotel* | Sitges

Private Hotel Liberty* | Sitges

Casa Brisa Guest House* | Sant Pere de Ribes | Sitges


AxelBeach Ibiza* | Ibiza

The Purple Hotel* | Ibiza

Villa Rainbow Home Mallorca* | Mallorca


Axel Hotel Madrid* | Madrid

Axel Hotel San Sebastián* | San Sebastián


With its unique old-world charm and warm hospitality, Portugal is a best kept secret among gays looking to for an exciting and yet cultural gay holiday in an LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere. Lisbon, the capital city, offers a colourful gay scene – from trendy gay bars and clubs in the Bairro Alto neighbourhood to the annual Lisbon Pride Parade, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with the local gay community and enjoy the city’s rich culture and history.

My Rainbow Rooms* | Lisbon

The Late Birds Resort* | Lisbon


France is a magnet for travellers from all over the world, but it’s also a favourite among gay holidaymakers. In addition to the bustling metropolis of Paris, Occitania and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, both located in the south of France, are regions known for their welcoming and inclusive attitude towards the gay community. Cities like Toulouse, Montpellier, Nice, and Marseilles have vibrant gay scenes, with gay bars, clubs, and events. Both regions also host various pride festivals and LGBTQ+ cultural events, providing a fun and inclusive experience for gay travellers.


Villa Littoral* | Agde | Occitania

Cinq & Sept* | Roujan | Occitania

Villa Ragazzi* | Uchaud | Occitania

La Connexion* | Peymeinade | Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Villa Bacchus* | Vidauban | Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur


With its welcoming environment for gay travellers, Italy offers a unique and historic backdrop for gay holidaymakers, especially in Rome. While the gay scene in the capital city may be more discreet compared to other European cities, there are still gay-friendly establishments, bars, and clubs for gays to explore. Additionally, Rome hosts an annual pride parade, Roma Pride, which brings together locals and visitors to celebrate diversity and promote LGBTQ+ rights.


B&B Second Floor* | Rome


Greece is becoming an increasingly popular destination for gay holidaymakers, offering a mix of stunning landscapes, rich history, and a growing LGBTQ+ scene. Mykonos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, is world-famous for its top-notch gay community, with gay bars, clubs, and beaches that make it an ideal gay travel destination. The island hosts annual events such as the XLSIOR Mykonos Festival, attracting a diverse international crowd of LGBTQ+ travellers.


Elysium Hotel* | Mykonos


One thing is certain – the LGBTQ+ scene in Austria is growing. Tyrol, in particular, offers a warm and welcoming environment for gay travellers. The region is known for its stunning alpine landscapes and charming towns, providing a picturesque backdrop for a memorable gay holiday. While the gay scene may be more discreet compared to larger cities such as Vienna, there are gay-friendly establishments and events in Tyrol, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all gay visitors.


House Romeo* | Tyrol


With cities such as Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg boasting vibrant LGBTQ+ scenes, it should come as no surprise that Germany is a popular destination among gay travellers. Berlin is known for its diverse and inclusive gay scene, which offers a wide variety of gay-friendly bars, clubs, and events, such as the annual Christopher Street Day parade. With its progressive atmosphere and colourful community, Berlin is certain to provide a welcoming and exciting experience for gay holidaymakers.


Arthotel Connection* | Berlin

Axel Hotel Berlin* | Berlin

Tom’s Hotel* | Berlin

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is synonymous with a progressive and inclusive attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community, making it one of the most popular destinations for gay travellers. Amsterdam is especially known for its bustling gay scene, with an array of gay bars, clubs, and events. The country also hosts one of the largest pride parades in the world, Amsterdam Pride, which attracts thousands of visitors each year. National Park de Loonse is a beautiful destination for gay holidaymakers seeking outdoor adventures. With its vast sand dunes, forests, and heathlands, the park offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, and nature exploration.


Amistad Hotel* | Amsterdam

Dunez Men Resort* | National Park De Loonse


Offering a dynamic and inclusive LGBTQ+ scene, Israel is a favourite among gay travellers. Tel Aviv, also referred to as the “gay capital” of the Middle East, boasts a lively gay scene with numerous gay bars, clubs, and events, particularly in the trendy neighbourhood of Florentin. The country also hosts the annual Tel Aviv Pride, one of the largest pride parades in the Middle East, attracting gay holidaymakers from all corners of the globe.

Inta Gay Hotel* | Tel Aviv


Thailand is renowned for its unique and inclusive LGBTQ+ scene, making it a top destination for gay travellers looking for carefree fun and adventure. Cities like Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai offer a wide variety of gay bars, clubs, and events, including the famous Songkran Water Festival. With its welcoming atmosphere, stunning beaches, and rich cultural heritage, Thailand provides an unforgettable experience for gay holidaymakers. The island of Koh Samui is also a popular gay travel destination, known for its numerous gay-friendly accommodations, bars, and clubs, making it a great choice for a memorable gay holiday.

Blu Cabin Gay Poshtel* | Bangkok

Club One Seven Hotel* | Chiang Mai

Alpha Resort & Spa* | Koh Samui


The tropical country of Cambodia is gradually becoming more open and accepting towards the LGBTQ+ community. Although it may not have a well-established gay scene like other gay travel destinations in Southeast Asia, there are still gay-friendly establishments in cities such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Gay holidaymakers can also explore the stunning temples of Angkor Wat and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville without fear of discrimination.

Arthur & Paul Resort* | Phnom Penh

MEN's Resort & Spa* | Siem Reap | Angkor

3 Monkeys Villa* | Siem Reap | Angkor


Taiwan is considered one of the most gay-friendly travel destinations in Asia. The bustling capital city of Taipei is known for its lively gay scene, with numerous gay bars, clubs, and events such as the annual Taipei Pride Parade. Taiwan’s progressive attitudes towards LGBTQ+ rights and its stunning natural landscapes make it an ideal destination for a memorable and inclusive gay holiday.

Gs Gay Hotel* | Taipei


With unparallelled gay-friendly cities such as Miami, Key West, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a diverse and welcoming destination for gay holidaymakers. Miami’s South Beach is world-famous for its vibrant gay scene, with countless LGBTQ+ bars, clubs, and events. Key West, often referred to as the “gay capital of Florida”, offers a laid-back and inclusive atmosphere, while Fort Lauderdale boasts breathtaking beaches and a thriving gay community.


Alcazar Resort* | Fort Lauderdale | Florida

Calypso Inn Wilton Resort* | Fort Lauderdale | Florida

Cheston House* | Fort Lauderdale | Florida

Pineapple Point Guesthouse* | Fort Lauderdale | Florida

The Big Coconut Guesthouse* | Fort Lauderdale | Florida

The Cabanas Guesthouse & Spa* | Fort Lauderdale | Florida

The Grand Resort & Spa* | Fort Lauderdale | Florida

Wilton River Hotel Suites* | Fort Lauderdale | Florida


Alexander’s Guesthouse* | Key West | Florida

Equator Resort* | Key West | Florida

Island City House* | Key West | Florida

Island House* | Key West | Florida

New Orleans Guesthouse* | Key West | Florida


AxelBeach Miami* | Miami Beach | Florida

Crates at the Gaythering* | Miami Beach | Florida

Hotel Gaythering* | Miami Beach | Florida

GT_California_Gay_only-Hotels_Palm springs.jpg

California, home to gay-friendly cities such as San Francisco, is a top destination among gay travellers. Palm Springs, in particular, is famous for its unforgettable gay atmosphere. The city hosts various LGBTQ+ events and festivals throughout the year, including the famous Palm Springs Pride. With its bustling gay scene, stunning desert landscapes, and luxurious resorts, Palm Springs is a must-visit for the gay community. Whether it’s attending Pride parades, visiting gay-friendly beaches, or enjoying the energetic nightlife, California offers a welcoming and exciting experience for gay holidaymakers.


All Worlds Resorts* | Palm Springs | California

CCBC Resort Hotel* | Palm Springs | California

Descanso Resort* | Palm Springs | California

INNdulge* | Palm Springs | California

Santiago Resort* | Palm Springs | California

The Hacienda at Warm Sands* | Palm Springs | California

Triangle Inn* | Palm Springs | California

Twin Palms Resort* | Palm Springs | California

Vista Grande Resort* | Palm Springs | California


Although not your typical gay destination, Canada is a definite favourite among gay travellers. Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, is particularly renowned for its vibrant gay scene, with a variety of gay establishments. Quebec as a whole offers a diverse range of attractions, from historic sites to stunning natural landscapes, making it an ideal destination for gay holidaymakers seeking both cultural experiences and outdoor adventures.

L’escogriffe B&B* | Montreal

Le 31 McMahon* | Quebec


Known for its dynamic gay scene and inclusive atmosphere, Mexico has been an extremely popular destination for LGBTQ+ travellers for a long time. Playa del Carmen, located on the Riviera Maya, offers a mix of stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and a growing gay community. Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific coast, is renowned for its gay-friendly atmosphere, with a range of gay bars, clubs, and events, as well as beautiful beaches. Zipolites also offers a memorable experience for gay travellers with its beautiful beaches and energetic nightlife.

LOTE4* | Playa del Carmen


Almar Resort Luxury Beach* | Puerto Vallarta

Boana Torre Malibu| Puerto Vallarta

Casa Cupula Boutique Hotel| Puerto Vallarta

Petit Hotel Pilitas| Puerto Vallarta

Piñata PV Gay Hotel| Puerto Vallarta


Casa Nudista| Zipolites

La Máxima* | Zipolites


Costa Rica is known throughout Latin America for its progressive attitudes towards LGBTQ+ rights. Manuel Antonio, a popular beach town in Costa Rica, is particularly renowned for its gay-friendly atmosphere. With beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and a vibrant nightlife, Manuel Antonio offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for gay travellers seeking a tropical getaway.

Hotel Villa Roca* | Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica

Cuba is a country that has made significant strides in LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance in recent years. While the gay scene in Cuba may not be as visible as in other destinations, gay travellers can still enjoy a warm and inclusive atmosphere throughout the country. Cayo Guillermo, a stunning island off the coast of Cuba, offers a picturesque setting for gay holidaymakers to relax on pristine beaches, indulge in water sports, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Caribbean.

Grand Muthu Rainbow Hotel* | Cayo Guillermo


Known for its colourful LGBTQ+ scene and progressive attitudes towards the community, Colombia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for gay travellers. While Melgar, a town located in the Tolima department of Colombia, may not be as well-known as other cities in the country, it still offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for gay holidaymakers. With its warm climate, natural beauty, and relaxing hot springs, Melgar provides a tranquil and enjoyable getaway perfect for a gay holiday.

Hotel Joohn Los Almendros* | Melgar


Uruguay is known as one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly countries in South America, with progressive laws and a vibrant gay scene. Chihuahua, a small coastal town, may not have a dedicated gay scene, but it offers a peaceful and picturesque setting for gay holidaymakers seeking relaxation and tranquillity.

Undarius Hotel* | Chihuahua


It’s no surprise that gay travellers love Australia – cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane have bustling LGBTQ+ scenes with numerous gay-friendly bars, clubs, and events. The country also hosts the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, one of the largest LGBTQ+ festivals in the world, attracting visitors from around the globe. Queensland offers an unforgettable environment for gays as does the coastal city of Brisbane, which is known for its colourful gay scene. Additionally, the Great Barrier Reef and stunning beaches in Queensland provide a picturesque backdrop for gay travellers to relax and enjoy their gay holiday.

Turtle Cove Beach Resort* | Oak Beach | Queensland

Hideaway Noosa Men Only Beach Resort* | Peregian Beach | Queensland

South Africa

In addition to sunny weather and magnificent beaches, South Africa offers gay travellers a diverse and inclusive environment. Cape Town is known for its numerous gay-friendly establishments, events, and nightlife options. The city also hosts the annual Cape Town Pride, which attracts both locals and international visitors to celebrate LGBTQ+ rights and diversity. Somerset West is a welcoming destination for gay holidaymakers. Although it may not have a dedicated gay scene, the town offers a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, with nearby gay-friendly establishments in Cape Town.


Cactus House* | Cape Town

Pink Rose Gay Resort* | Somerset West

* The advertising links on this page lead to the websites of our partners and Tripadvisor.

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