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About us

Travel – moments of unique happiness

At, we’re passionate about travelling and travel around the world extensively both personally and professionally. On our travels, we often experience moments that captivate us and evoke a downright sense of humility in the face of nature. Whether it be a majestic waterfall in Iceland, an imposing crater lake, observing wildlife in southern Africa or simply taking in a view of the sea from a small Greek taverna, these are moments of pure happiness for us. And now you can also experience these unforgettable moments on one of our tours together with like-minded travellers.


The world has a lot to offer – exciting destinations, fascinating people

As a gay single, you’re especially drawn to places where you can make friends quickly and where you’re not alone. But does that always automatically mean going to Gran Canaria, Sitges or Mykonos? The world has so much more to offer! With, you can explore the world and get to know guys who tick just like you in a very laid-back manner. Especially for singles, this can be a real alternative to gay dating portals such as Romeo and the like. And even as a gay couple, you can expand your circle of friends in a more natural way with – which is no easy task in the online age.



My name is Aldo and I’m originally from sunny Southern California – but I’ve lived in Germany for a long time now.

I live in the bustling metropolis of Frankfurt where I work as a translator, editor, and content writer. I guess you can say I’m a language buff.

Aside from my main hobbies of playing the violin and dancing flamenco (or at least trying!), I absolutely love hiking in the mountains. It’s the one place where I feel at peace with the universe.



My name is Torsten and I grew up in the greater Frankfurt region – so that makes me a true Hessian.

Travel is one of my great passions. I’ve travelled around world a lot and enjoy immersing myself in foreign cultures and in nature. This inspires me and keeps me grounded.

Apart from that, I’m very interested in art and classical music.



I’m Martin and I was born and raised in rural Lower Saxony in Northern Germany – I’m a country boy! 


I live in the quaint town of Oberursel in the Taunus region not far from the “big city”. I feel very much at home there and I can be close to nature.

In addition to my passion for travelling, I enjoy going to concerts, spending time in the outdoors, sampling world cuisines and hanging out with friends.

Quality over mass consumption

We’re not interested in offering as many tours as possible with as many participants as possible. Instead, our approach consists of offering tours to selected destinations to small groups – and all this in cooperation with tour operators who truly know their business. Each tour is led by a professional, English-speaking guide. Unfortunately for us, we can only personally take part in a few of the tours we offer.

Nature, culture, adventure & enjoyment

Experiencing new things, being active, making discoveries and enjoying yourself: that’s what a holiday is all about. And this is exactly what the gay tours available through have to offer. From hikes through spectacular landscapes and cultural highlights to relaxing by the pool or having dinner together on the waterfront. The travel destinations we offer are always extraordinary and gay-friendly – in other words, not your run-of-the-mill holiday.

You book an all-round carefree package

The price includes airport transfer, accommodation in a single room and an English-speaking tour guide on site for the duration of the trip. In other words, you can just sit back and relax. We want you to feel completely at ease during your holiday. This of course includes beautiful accommodation. Standard accommodation is in a single room, but you can also request a double room if you’re travelling with your partner or a friend.

Travel climate-neutrally

All greenhouse gas emissions caused by flights, bus, train and boat journeys on the group tours offered by are fully offset by investments in the construction of biogas plants in India and Nepal. Through their operation, these plants reduce CO2 emissions by a corresponding amount. Above that, for every booking a tree is planted on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico through Plant-for-the-Planet – a tangible contribution to reforestation that benefits the climate and also creates jobs locally.

Respect and tolerance

When we travel, we’re guests in foreign countries that have different customs and traditions. Our guides help us to learn more about the country and its people. Respect and tolerance towards other religions and cultures are our number one priority. After all, we as gays belong to a minority community and understand what it feels like to be discriminated against. For every booking, we’ll make a donation to Enough-is-Enough, Germany's largest LGBTIQ* organization focusing on global action to stop homophobia.

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