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Gay travel - holidays for gays by gays

You’ve probably reached this page because you googled “gay travel” or “holiday for gays”. That means you’re most likely looking to take a gay trip where you can quickly connect with other gays and share an exciting holiday experience with guys that tick just like you.


If that’s the case, we have  two exciting options for you! 


  Option 1  

Gay travel classics

Sun, beach, and sea during the day and party, dates and cruising via Grindr, Romeo, and Co. on the beach by night! Does this sound like your kind of holiday? If so, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best gay travel destinations along with recommendations for gay-friendly hotels, accommodation, and cheap flights: 


> Top10 best gay holiday destinations worldwide


We recommend going on a gay holiday alone or with a good friend so that you’re completely flexible to do whatever you want whenever you want. Basic English is more than enough to get by in these places, as the crowd is usually very international – and of course gay!

GT_Gays travel together_L.jpg

  Option 2  

Discover the world with other gays

Lots of gay guys want to discover the world on holiday – but not alone. I mean, who wants to spend weeks planning a trip only to sit alone in the evenings? offers you an easy solution to find other gay men that love travel and adventure: all-round carefree package holidays for gays. Why not travel with like-minded gays and immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of a country – all with a professional guide and without having to worry about all the planning, making reservations, etc.? Sound interesting?

 > gay group tours


You can book a gay holiday with either alone and have a room all to yourself for the duration of the trip or with a good friend and share a room at a reduced rate. The participants are usually from all over Europe, and most are non-native speakers of English. This means that basic English skills are more than sufficient to communicate with the other participants as well as the guide.

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