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Frequently asked questions

We get questions about our gay group tours all the time, so we’ll answer them here briefly. Perhaps the answer to your question is already here. To make it easier for you to find the answer to your question, we have divided the questions into different categories:

Group composition

How old are the participants?

On average, most participants are in their mid-40s. We don’t have an age limit – a strong sense of
“we” is established very quickly on our tours, and this naturally includes participants who are much
younger or older. Everyone becomes an integral part of the group, which means that exciting
conversations take place with guys from other regions or from other professional backgrounds. It’s
an enriching way to think outside the box and make valuable connections with people that you
perhaps would have never met otherwise. The defining characteristics of our groups are a general
openness, interest in nature and different cultures as well as a desire to be active – combined with a
basic level of fitness (for trips with a high activity content).

How many guys are on the tour?

We want our tours to be as individual and personal as possible. Travelling with a smaller number of
guys means you get to experience a country more intensively. Small groups make it possible to be
spontaneous and share experiences that you would otherwise not have on your own or in a large,
anonymous group. Therefore the number of participants is between 6 and 16 gays.

Do you really only travel with gays?

Our tours are aimed at men who are attracted to men – regardless of whether they identify as gay, bisexual, or curious. In other words, tour participants are part of the community. Serving this community is a matter of the heart to us, which is why our tours are specifically conceptualised for gay/bisexual/curious men and can only be booked through us.

Can I get in touch with fellow travellers before the trip?

A few days before the tour begins, we’ll send you an e-mail asking you for your consent to join a
WhatsApp group that we’ll set up especially for the tour participants. This way you can chat with the
other guys in advance.

Travel concept

Single room | Proportion of singles | Detailed itinerary | Gay travel focus

Do I have to share a room? 

Of course not! All trips include accommodation in a single room. This may be a bit more expensive,
but it gives you the freedom to retreat if you need time to yourself. It’s important to us that you feel
completely comfortable, and this includes not having to adapt to the sleeping habits of a fellow
traveller, for example. You can also have a friend or travel partner join you on the tour, share a room
with them and in this way save money.

As a single/solo traveller, am I in the minority? 

Over 80% of the guys on our tours travel solo. Many of them are single, which is why the advertised tour prices include a single room or double room for single use. You can also have a friend, or your partner join you on the tour. Both of you benefit from a discount if you share a room.

Where can I find a detailed itinerary to download?

In each tour description, you’ll find a PDF icon in the “Prices and services” section of the text. Here you can download a detailed itinerary of the tour. With your booking, you’ll also receive a link that enables you to retrieve the travel description along with a detailed itinerary at any time.

How gay-specific are the tours?

In a nutshell, we offer tours for gays, but not typical gay tours. Our tours focus on experiencing
nature and culture as well as interacting with the locals in an exciting and eventful manner together
with like-minded individuals, and not on diving into the gay scene. Nevertheless, on some tours we
offer gay-specific excursions – on a purely optional basis – such as a visit to a drag queen in Cuba or a
tour extension in Japan to partake in the Pride festivities there. We also consciously refrain from
recommending bars, as everyone’s tastes vastly differ when it comes to this. We also can’t guarantee
that the place will still be there when you travel, or that there will be something going on at that time
of day, or that the vibe will be right, etc. Check on Google or ask your local guide for tips.

Travel documents | Holiday photos


Will the travel documents be sent to me anonymously?

Our partner tour operators normally send booking confirmations and travel documents via e-mail and only in exceptional cases by post. However, should postal delivery be required for whatever reason, documents are sent in sealed envelopes with no reference to

Will photos taken during the trip by other tour participants be published by

Discretion is of utmost importance to us. Consequently, as a matter of principle, we don’t publish any
group photos or pictures showing individual participants of a group tour.


Fitness requirements | Flexibility on site | Extending your stay

How fit do I need to be?

Our tours are meant to be fun and therefore usually don’t require any particular level of fitness. Every tour description outlines the activities planned on site, in order to help those interested decide whether the activities are realistic for them. Nevertheless, a basic level of fitness and sturdy shoes are certainly an advantage on all our tours.

Do I have to go on every excursion during the tour?

It’s your holiday, so you decide whether you want to take part in an excursion or not. If on one of the days you’d rather spend some time by the pool or in a café with a good book, feel free to do so.
Every tour includes a day off or a free afternoon at the very least so that you have some time to

Can I extend my holiday?

As our tours generally don’t include arrival and departure, you’re free to decide whether you’d like to stay longer or even arrive earlier. 

Flight booking

Book flight yourself | Individual transfers 

Are flights included in the tour price?

Our tours generally don’t include arrival and departure. Participants arrange for travel from their home country individually. Once the minimum number of participants has been reached for a tour, participants will be notified, and the appropriate flights can then be booked. Some trips include additional flights within the destination country – these flights are included in the tour price. In summary, you only have to arrange for travel from your hometown to the destination country and back.

Will I be picked up at the airport upon arrival?

Transfer from the airport to the hotel in the destination country is included in the price. After booking your flights, please let us know your exact flight times so that we can arrange for you to be picked up at the airport.

How do I get to the airport at the end of the tour?

You’ll also be driven to the airport at the end of the tour. Please let us know your exact flight times so that we can arrange your transfer.

Probability of performance | Travel insurance | Payment period | Cancellation conditions


What is the likelihood of the tour taking place?

Over 90% of our tours take place. Consequently, there is only minimal risk that a tour will not take
place owing to a lack of participants.

Can I take out travel cancellation insurance with you?

Yes, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance with Heymondo – our insurance partner. It includes a COVID-19 cover. Multi trip policies are also available at a good price. You’ll find the link for this in the confirmation e-mail you receive from us after booking.

When do I have to pay for the trip?

Depending on the tour, a deposit of maximum 20% of the tour price is due either after you’ve signed
up for the tour or after the minimum number of participants has been reached. The remaining
balance must be paid in full four (4) weeks before the start of the tour. You’ll find the exact payment
details below the booking form of your selected tour.

Where can I find the cancellation policy?

The terms and conditions, including the terms and conditions of cancellation of the partner tour
operator, are stored as a PDF on the booking page of the respective tour.

Was your question not answered?

Just send us a message via the contact form. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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