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Our Top 10 gay travel tips for an unforgettable gay holiday on Madeira

Why Madeira?

With its mild climate all year round, nature lovers from all over the world are drawn to Madeira, the majestic jewel in the Atlantic. Spectacular cliffs, lush nature, towering mountains, infinite hiking trails and, last but not least, legendary Portuguese hospitality await you.

Having spent countless gay holidays on the island, we’ve put together our personal Top 10 for you – authentic island highlights that you won’t want to miss out on during a gay holiday on Madeira.


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Top 1 

A hiking tour along the levadas – the island’s irrigation channels

Madeira is criss-crossed by a network of small water channels, which carry precious water from the high plateau down into the valley, winding its way through a system of tunnels. On your gay island holiday, you can follow the levadas for hours on end and simply savour the spectacular views. The Levada das 25 fontes, which leads from Rabaçal through an 800-metre-long tunnel, is especially popular.’s gay tour of Madeira takes you on a fantastic hike along the levadas! Why not check it out?


Top 2 

The Madeira plateau at 1,300 metres above sea level – truly spectacular


If you only drive along the coast below, you can’t even begin to imagine what natural beauty awaits you up here. The Madeira plateau is an absolute must. Explore one of the numerous hiking trails while you’re here on a gay holiday, but make sure to come prepared – it can get pretty chilly up here!



Top 3 

The cloud forests – bizarre tree giants at the highest altitudes

At the Posto Florestal Fanal, you’ll be transported to another world – giant laurel trees shrouded in mist and clouds, overgrown with moss and lichen, with grazing cows in between... Add it to you list of places to visit on your gay holiday on Madeira – it’s a place you’ll never forget!


Top 4 

São Lourenço – the breathtaking eastern tip of Madeira


The volcanic origins of Madeira are more than apparent here. Along narrow trails through a striking rocky landscape, you’ll make your way to the easternmost point of the island – a definite highlight on any gay tour of Madeira!


Top 5 

Farol da Ponta do Pargo – the lighthouse at the westernmost point of the island


A picturesque lighthouse awaits you at the western tip of Madeira – its monumental location and the first-class view of the island’s staggering cliffs form here make a visit during your gay holiday on Madeira particularly worthwhile. It’s the ideal place to simply relax and unwind!



Top 6 

Cascata da Garganta Funda – a scenic gorge with a waterfall


From a viewpoint (miradouro) not far away on the west coast, you have a fantastic view of this vibrant green gorge with a 130-metre-high waterfall, which depending on the season sometimes carries more and sometimes less water – but is always worth seeing on a gay tour of Madeira.



Top 7

Porto Moniz – the journey is the reward


This small coastal town in the northwest of the island is known for its natural pools formed by volcanic rock where you can take a dip. However, the winding route to this place, which leads you through a green paradise of lush primeval forests, is definitely the most memorable part of this gay holiday excursion. Simply awesome!



Top 8

The small coastal town of Calheta – home to one of Madeira’s few beaches


Madeira is not exactly known for its beaches – most of the coastline is steep and rocky. But there are two small bays in Calheta where you can swim and relax by the water. There are also several little restaurants where you can stop to have a bite to eat.


Top 9 

Funchal – the beautiful island capital


With a population of 130,000, Funchal is not only the capital but also the largest city on Madeira. On your gay island holiday, make sure to take a leisurely stroll through the old town, walk through the historic market and check out the black scabbardfish (found 1,000 metres deep in the ocean!), enjoy the breeze on the harbour, and take the cable car up to the small church of Nossa Senhora do Monte.



Top 10

The Botanical Garden – high above the rooftops of Funchal


Here you’ll find an abundance of strelitzias, otherwise known as known as bird of paradise flowers, and a host of other flowering plants that are so typical of the island. Even though the garden could be better cared for, the view over the city and the ocean of flowers and plants from up here is well worth a visit on a gay holiday on Madeira.


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Tim & Karl | Austria

The trip was wonderfully relaxing, varied, perfectly organised, actually unforgettable and we really enjoyed meeting new people. All in all, we are perfectly happy. Thanks a lot!

Chris | UK

I had a really great time in Madeira. The hikes were spectacular and Oliver is the best hiking guide you could ask for. His experience, knowledge, strong empathy, and intuition regarding the weather made it possible for us to go on all the planned hikes with a flexible itinerary. It was simply awesome!

Eddi | Germany

It was really wonderful! Every single one of us! We got on really well, the group supported and complemented each other well. And the guide loved us all too! We won't be losing contact, that's for sure.

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