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Gay round trip | Nature & Adventure

15 Apr. - 24 Apr. 2024  |    Spots available  

An unforgettable holiday awaits you in Jordan. Experience the thrill of water hiking in Wadi Mujib, float in the Dead Sea and live for a night like a Bedouin in a tent camp in Wadi Rum. Dive into an unforgettable gay adventure in the Middle East and if you’re not ready to re-emerge at the end, extend your stay in this magical kingdom by two days at the Red Sea – a snorkelling and diving paradise!

  • Discover white Amman and the rock city of Petra

  • Spend a dreamy night in the desert in Wadi Rum

  • Dive into the Red Sea and Dead Sea

  • Optional seaside extension

Visual inspiration


Day 1, Mon, 15.04.2024: Welcome to another world!

Upon your individual arrival in Amman (flights not included), you’ll be greeted with a welcoming “Salaam Alaikum” by our representative and transferred to the hotel. There you’ll have chance to finally meet the other guys and share the excitement of the gay adventures that await you.

Courteous – the hospitable Jordanians

Day 2, Tue, 16.04.2024: Rocks, stones, and sculptures as far as the eye can see

Prepare to be dazzled. In the morning, the bus will take you to the impressive citadel and Roman theatre in Amman and then continue to the excavation site of ancient Jerash. There you’ll stroll through the temples, theatres, and thermal baths of the ancient Roman town as your guide shares with you the secrets of its architecture, its dramatic history, and fascinating rediscovery. After being surrounded by ancient rocks, you’ll find yourself enjoying stunning panoramic views among the holm oak trees in the Ajloun Forest Reserve. In the evening an Arabian welcome dinner awaits you – complete with a thousand and one delights!

Gripping – the ancient monuments

Day 3, Wed, 17.04.2024: Biblical sites and the mysteries of the Crusaders

In Madaba you’ll encounter the legendary Madaba Mosaic Map and learn how routes were planned in ancient times. From Mount Nebo, the burial place of Moses, you’ll be greeted with magnificent views of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Jerusalem. In Kerak, you’ll be guided through the dark and winding corridors of Kerak castle with its sinister Crusader past. You’ll be mesmerised by unbelievable tales of the fascinating people who once occupied this imposing fortification. Afterwards, you’ll continue your journey to the legendary city of Petra, which is patiently waiting for you to discover it’s magic.


Day 4, Thu, 18.04.2024: The mystical rock city of Petra

Early in the morning you’ll make your way to the pink city of the Nabataeans. As you pass through a narrow rock corridor in the middle of the desert, you’ll catch your first glimpse of this magical place. Our first highlight is the elaborate Al-Khazneh, the Treasury. But your gay adventure doesn’t stop here – there are temples, tombs, and shrines waiting to be explored. All this bears witness to the fabulous wealth of the city’s former inhabitants – right down to an ancient rooftop spa complete with hot water technology and a 360-degree panoramic view. Back at the hotel, it’s time for a little rest and relaxation!

Wadi Rum Wueste_S.jpg

Day 5, Fri, 19.04.2024: Desert dreaming

Today you’ll explore the fascinating desert labyrinth of Wadi Rum and when the bus can’t go any further, you’ll switch to off-road vehicles. You’ll roll past chiselled rock formations and be inspired by the mesmerising designs left in the sand by one of nature’s most talented artists: the wind! In the afternoon, you’ll have a picnic lunch with the guys and in the evening, you’ll marvel at the glorious desert sunset – the perfect way to end another day of your gay tour!

Why Jordan?

  • Jordan is an absolute travel hotspot in the Middle East. A journey through this diverse country will transport you to the world of Aladdin and friends. The mix of culture, nature, relaxation, and pure adrenaline offers you 1001 facets that you won’t forget anytime soon.

  • As one of the most progressive, stable, and secure countries in the Arab world, Jordan maintains peaceful international relations with its neighbours and is not involved in any of the outlying crises, thus making it a holiday oasis in the region.

  • Same-sex relations were legalised as early as 1951, which makes Jordan extremely progressive in comparison to the rest of the Arab world in this regard. However, no true gay community exists in the country and the topic of homosexuality remains taboo, which is why visitors should be cautious when it comes to public displays of affection.

  • Jordan is paradise for guys who love to spend time outdoors – and in the great outdoors, the topic of sexuality doesn’t play a role!


You’ll be staying in beautiful three- and four-star hotels such as the Marina Placa Hotel at Aqaba on the Red Sea or the Ramada Resort on the Dead Sea pictured below, where you’ll be staying for two nights. Above that an unforgettable night awaits you in a fabulous desert camp.

Strand Luxury Hotel | Amman


Petra Palace Hotel | Petra


Aladdin Camp | Wadi Rum


Marina Plaza Hotel | Aqaba


Ramada Resort | Dead Sea

Wadi Rum Desert_S.jpg

Day 6, Sat, 20.04.2024: Off to the Red Sea

From the scorching desert, you’ll make your way to the crystal blue waters of the Red Sea. Ready to dive in straight away? Or would you rather set off on your own to explore the multifaceted harbour city of Aqaba first? In the evening, you’ll meet the other guys for a delicious dinner at a local restaurant where you’ll have the chance to share the events of the day.


Day 7, Sun, 21.04.2024: A lazy day

Use the day to make the most of your unforgettable gay holiday. Relax on the beach or take a boat tour. Go swimming, snorkelling, or shopping. Perhaps you can embark on a discovery tour of the city’s culinary treasures. Do whatever makes you happy. Gay memories are waiting to be made!


Day 8, Mon, 22.04.2024: Next stop the Dead Sea

Close your eyes and breathe in the salty air! The Dead Sea is so close you can almost touch it. On your way to the resort, you’ll pass some of the most stunning landscapes Jordan has to offer. After your arrival, you’ll spend the rest of the day floating in the crystalline waters of this unparalleled natural phenomenon.

Jordanien_Wadi Mujib_S.jpg



2-day extension at the Dead Sea (from € 200 in a shared double room | from € 349 in a single room):

How about relaxing at the Dead Sea before you fly home? Then spend two more nights at the final accommodation of the tour, the four-star Ramada Resort. Unwind by the outdoor pool or at the Dead Sea, where you can float in the Dead Sea like an astronaut through space. How about a diving excursion or a visit to the Dead Sea Museum?

Included in the price of the extension package:

  • 2 overnight stays in a single room with bath or shower/WC

  • 2 x breakfast

  • Transfer to the airport


Day 9, Tue, 23.04.2024: Canyon adventure

Get ready for some rugged gay adventure today! In the morning, you’ll go for a hike in Wadi Mujib, where depending on the weather, you’ll take the Siq Trail – an unforgettable water hike through a breathtaking gorge. As you wade through the water, swim, and climb rocks, you’ll feel the cool spring water splash on your skin as it forces its way through the towering sandstone walls on either side. In the late morning, you’ll have time to relax before you go off to your legendary photo shoot at the Dead Sea!

Day 10, Thu, 24.04.2024: Ma’a salama, Jordan!

Today, with suitcase full of unforgettable memories, you’ll be transferred to the Amman Airport to board your flight home (flights not included).

Tour operator

This gay tour is organised and carried out by Marco Polo Reisen, a renowned specialist for worldwide discovery trips for over 60 years.

Dead Sea extension (optional)


Day 10-12, Thu-Sat, 24.04.-26.04.2024: Carpe diem

Enjoy the Dead Sea on your own once again. Use these days to plan any activities your heart desires. How about a diving excursion or a visit to the Dead Sea Museum?

Day 12, Fri, 26.04.2024: One last day on the beach

It’s your last call for gay holiday fun: another day of free time to just relax or dive in. Later you’ll be transferred to the Amman Airport to board your flight home (flights not included).

Detailed travel itinerary (PDF)

Prices and services

Jordan | Gay round trip | Nature & Adventure

15 Apr. - 24 Apr. 2024  |    Spots available  

Have a room all to yourself

  € 2189,-  

Share a room with a partner/friend

  € 1890,-  

Price per person includes:

  • Transfers, excursions, and round trip in a good local coach

  • 8 nights in a single room, 1 night in a desert camp

  • Breakfast, 1 picnic lunch, 1 barbecue dinner at the desert camp, and 2 restaurant dinners

  • English-speaking Marco Polo tour guide

  • Off-road vehicle excursion in Wadi Rum

  • Entrance fees according to the itinerary (PDF)

  • CO2 compensation – climate neutral gay tour

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