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4 Dec. - 16 Dec. 2023  |    Sold out  

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Mayas and immerse yourself in awe-inspiring nature and unforgettable culture. Mexico is a thrilling mix of picture-perfect beaches, enchanting colonial cities, mesmerising ancient sites, tropical wildlife, and seemingly impenetrable rainforest that will inspire you – all this while watching monkeys swing from the treetops.

  • Ancient Mayan sites on the Yucatán Peninsula

  • Rainforest and colonial cities

  • Relaxing days on a Caribbean beach

Visual inspiration


Day 1, Mon, 04.12.2023: Get ready for your gay adventure!

After your arrival in Cancún (flights not included), you’ll be greeted by our representative and transferred to the hotel where you can get some rest before embarking on an unforgettable gay holiday.

Spectacular beach of Tulum

Day 2, Tue, 05.12.2023: Mayan acropolis at the beach

After breakfast, you’ll cruise along the Riviera Maya to the spectacular beach of Tulum, where the impressive ruins of the Mayan acropolis await you! How about a swim in the turquoise waters of the ocean after your first encounter with Mayan culture? After a refreshing dip, you’ll continue south to your destination – the tropical beach of Mahahual.

Swing in a hammock

Day 3, Wed, 06.12.2023: Relax under swaying palm trees

Drink in the Caribbean vibe! Why not swing in a hammock with your hat pulled over your face? In the evening at the very latest, you’ll meet up with the other guys to share stories of your gay adventures over tropical margaritas.

Cenote Azul

Day 4, Thu, 07.12.2023: Jungle treasures of the Yucatán

In Bacalar, get ready to explore two natural treasures – the mystical lagoon and the 100-metre-deep Cenote Azul. But now it’s time to say goodbye to the Caribbean and journey into the depths of the Yucatán jungle. Right at the heart of the lush rainforest, you’ll find the Mayan city of Becán. Explore the palace, the temple, and the frescoes – and not everything that the jungle has swallowed over the centuries has yet been unearthed.

Howler monkeys

Day 5, Fri, 08.12.2023: Howler monkeys at lunch

Your first stop today is the archaeological site of Balamkú, the Temple of the Jaguar. Located in a concealed area of the almost impenetrable rainforest, this fascinating site was first rediscovered in 1990.  Afterwards, you’ll depart on an overland journey deep into the Mexican-Guatemalan border region. Your next accommodation is a jungle adventure in itself. Your host Willy will serve up a typical Mexican meal! Surrounded by jungle giants and the sound of nature, expect goose bumps – at the very latest upon hearing the call of the howler monkeys.


Day 6, Sat, 09.12.2023: Hidden jungle city

After breakfast, your guide will take you to a very special Mayan site: Yaxchilán. By boat, you’ll cross the Usumacinta River, where you’ll see a pier seemingly in the middle of nowhere. You’ll climb the banks of the jungle and before you know it, you’ll be standing amidst the ruins of a colossal city. You’ll then leave the remote village of Lacanjá for Palenque – slowly but surely, you’ll make your way back to civilisation.


Day 7, Sun, 10.12.2023: Las Guacamayas

Today you’ll experience the magic of the rainforest on a boat tour from Las Guacamayas to the Montes Azules biosphere reserve. Surrounded by mahogany and kapok trees that can grow to be 63 metres tall, you’ll see crocodiles along the riverbanks and macaws and toucans flying overhead. You’ll then take a long walk through the Lacandón rainforest, where with some luck, you’ll encounter crocodiles, macaws, tapirs, harpy eagles, toucans, snakes, and countless species of insects.


Day 8, Mon, 11.12.2023: Roberto Barrios Waterfalls

Deep in the subtropical jungle of Chiapas along a stretch of breathtaking flora, you’ll discover mystical cascading waterfalls on natural rock terraces. The pristine turquoise waters invite you to take a dip in the small rock basins. Revel in the magic of this mysterious, green oasis which merges adventure and relaxation. Refreshed, your gay adventure will continue on to Palenque.

Why Mexico?

  • Mexico is country rich with history. When the first Spaniards arrived on the Yucatán Peninsula, they encountered the thriving Aztec Empire and the last of the once mighty Mayan cities. This cultural heritage can still be experienced in many places in Mexico (video).

  • The Latin American country is unbelievably diverse in terms of landscape and encompasses various climatic regions including desert, subtropical, and alpine zones.

  • Mexico is home to 200,000 different species, which is about 10% of all known species worldwide. Especially in the jungle regions, countless fascinating animal and plant species can be found.

  • Picture-perfect beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as its delicious cuisine make Mexico an ideal travel destination.

  • Mexico is becoming increasingly liberal with regard to the LGBTQ+ community. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation has been prohibited by the Mexican Constitution since 2001 and starting in November 2006, same-sex couples in Mexico City could enter into formal civil partnerships – the rest of the country has since followed suit.

  • Gays can also serve in the military without restriction.


You’ll stay at good mid-range hotels (PDF) such as the Hotel La Aldea *** with its tropical garden in Palenque, the Uxmal Resort Maya *** in Uxmal or the last three days at Beachscape Kin-Ha Villas & Suites **** in Cancún.

Hotel La Aldea | Palenque


Uxmal Resort Maya | Uxmal


Beachscape Kin-Ha Villas & Suites | Cancún


and many more (see itinerary)





3-day seaside extension at a beach hotel: from €249 in a shared double room and from €499 in a single room.

Feel like relaxing on the picture-perfect beach a little longer? We knew you would! Then extend your stay at Beachscape Kin-Ha Villas & Suites in Cancún.

Included in the price of the extension package:

  • 3 overnight stays in a single room with bath or shower/WC

  • 3 x breakfast

  • Shared transfer to the airport

Tour operator

This gay tour is organised and carried out by Marco Polo Reisen, a renowned specialist for worldwide discovery trips for over 60 years.


Day 9, Tue, 12.12.2023: Mayan sites and sea breeze

In quiet morning hours as the sun slowly rises, you’ll climb the pyramids in the legendary Mayan city of Palenque. In the afternoon, you’ll reach Campeche on the Gulf of Mexico, where massive city walls surround the finest examples of colonial architecture in Mexico. However, the day-to-day life of the locals takes place outside on the malecón, the lively waterfront boulevard. At the local market, you’ll marvel at the selection of exotic fruits and other delicacies.

Loltún Cave

Day 10, Wed, 13.12.2023: In the underworld

Back in the state of Yucatán, you’ll trek through the fascinating underworld of Loltún Cave, where enormous tree roots have pushed their way from the surface into the deep – sometimes even a ray of light from the outside world shines through creating an ethereal atmosphere. Afterwards, you’ll stroll through the ruins of Uxmal, a Mayan site which continues to baffle archaeologists to this day. In a small chocolate museum, you’ll learn that chocolate actually dates back to the Mayan era and get to try some hot chocolate.

Prices and services

4 Dec. - 16 Dec. 2023  |    Spots available  

Have a room all to yourself

  € 3349,-  

Share a room with a partner/friend

  € 2849,-  

Price per person includes:

  • Individual airport transfers

  • Transfers and round trip in a local, air-conditioned coach

  • 12 overnight stays in mid-range hotels in a single room with bath or shower/WC

  • 12 x breakfast and 1 x dinner as indicated in the itinerary

  • Itinerary as described (PDF)

  • Entrance fees according to itinerary

  • English-speaking guide until day 12

  • CO2 compensation – climate neutral gay tour

Discover Mexico

Day 11, Thu, 14.12.2023: Chill in a hammock

Yucatán is also plantation country: in addition to cocoa and coffee plantations, sisal plantations also played an important role in ancient times. The fibre of the sisal plant is used to make hammocks and a variety of other items, as we will learn during a visit to a historic hacienda. Before we reach the provincial city of Valladolid, you’ll stop in the quaint village of Homún. At first glance it seems rather unspectacular, but underground we find magnificent cenotes. Shimmering blues in all shades, stalagmites and stalactites, and maybe even a bat or two – all just a short hike away. In the afternoon, your gay journey continues to the picturesque town of Valladolid.

Chichen Itzá

Day 12, Fri, 15.12.2023: Chichen Itzá

The last major cultural highlight of our trip is Chichen Itzá, an ancient Mayan metropolis. Your guide will walk you through fascinating excavation sites. At midday, you’ll head back to Valladolid. Make sure to check out the hustle and bustle of everyday life on the Zócalo, the main square. When your stomach starts to growl, your guide will take you on an enticing street food tour à la mexicana! Deciding what to eat isn’t easy, so why not just try everything?

Day 13, Sat, 16.12.2023: ¡Adios México!

With a suitcase full of exciting memories of your unforgettable gay holiday, you’ll be transferred to the Cancún Airport to board your flight home (flights not included).

Seaside extension (optional)

Make the most of paradise

Day 13-15, Sat-Mon, 16.11.-18.12.2023: Make the most of paradise!

Not ready to leave? Then take advantage of this opportunity to do whatever will make your gay holiday even more memorable.

Day 16, Tue, 19.12.2023: ¡Hasta luego!

All good things come to an end. Today, you’ll be transferred to the Cancún Airport to board your flight home (flights not included).

Detailed travel itinerary (PDF)

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