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Discover the world with 


Travel in groups of 6 to 16 gays who all share the same passion: discovering a country and immersing themselves into its fascinating culture.

Enjoy the benefits of an all-round carefree package including a professional English-speaking guide on site for the entire tour.


Enjoy the advantages of travelling with a group but still have the freedom to take a time-out whenever you feel like it.


Of course, you’ll have a room all to yourself, but you can also share a room if you travel with your partner or a friend. However, 80% of the guys on our tours are single and travelling solo.

PROVEN CONCEPT is the English-speaking version of “” – the German travel expert for Gay group tours since 2015.


Together with our network of superior partners, we help gay travellers make once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Our gay group tours 



10 Oct. - 18 Oct. 2023  |    Spots available  

Embark on an exciting treasure hunt in the small Middle Eastern kingdom: take a journey past biblical sites to the rock city of Petra, wander through the magical desert to the Red Sea and snorkel in paradise. Float in the Dead Sea, take a water hiking adventure through a canyon, and experience Bedouin life first hand in a tent camp – the crowning glory of our expedition.



1 Nov. - 12 Nov. 2023  |    Spots available  

Few countries are as colourful and multifaceted as India – get ready to dive into a world full of surprises! Explore the bustling metropolis of Delhi, live the fairy-tale magic of the Taj Mahal, go tiger stalking, and spend an unforgettable night in the desert. This is once-in-a-lifetime gay travel experience you’ll never forget!



Gay round trip nature & adventure

4 Nov. - 13 Nov. 2023  |    Spots available  

An unforgettable experience: leave civilisation behind, climb the highest sand dunes in the world, observe the animals of Africa in the wild, hike through endless expanses of wilderness, and gaze up at the fantastically starry sky at night while sipping on a gin and tonic. A truly unique gay tour.



December 2023  |    Available soon  

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Mayas and immerse yourself in awe-inspiring nature and unforgettable culture. Mexico is an exciting cocktail of dreamy beaches, enchanting colonial cities, mesmerising Mayan sites, tropical wildlife, and seemingly impenetrable rainforest that will inspire you – all this while watching monkeys as they swing from the treetops



January 2024  |    Available soon  

Slick vintage cars cruise down the bustling streets past colourful colonial buildings, buzzing with lively music and warm people – Cuba has retained its nostalgic charm. Take in the highlights of this unique country on this versatile round trip and even gain special insight into Cuba’s LGBTQ+ movement. Get ready to be surprised!


Vietnam & Cambodia

February 2024  |    Available soon  

Drift through the streets of Hanoi and breathe in the uniquely charming chaos of the city, sail on a junk – a traditional Asian sailing vessel – through world-famous Halong Bay, explore the charming coastal town of Hoi An, the imperial city of Hue and the vibrant metropolis of Saigon. Extend your vacation at the beach or in Angkor – the most expansive temple complex in the world!


South Africa

March 2024  |    Available soon  

Experiencing lions, elephants, and giraffes up close in the wild is truly an extraordinary experience. A safari adventure awaits you in the legendary Kruger National Park. After this once-in-a-lifetime encounter with nature, the most beautiful metropolis in the world awaits you – Cape Town, a city that will captivate you.



April 2024  |    Available soon  

Welcome to a place that will make you feel one with the universe. The contrast of the bustling streets and the tranquillity of the many fascinating temples creates a magical place of humanity. Wandering through the jungle and gazing up at the highest peaks in the world, you’ll be transported from your everyday life to a simply unforgettable world of adventures!

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